How to Choose a Cattery

You love your cats and if you are looking for ways to keep them safe and happy while you are away, then it is best that you review a cattery or facility made specifically for your cats.

While your away you don’t want to be worrying about the safety and happiness of your beloved pet and you want to feel reassured that your cat is happy and relaxed in their temporary environment.

If you live near Lancaster or Kendal, then you will want to consider getting the services of professional Lancaster Cattery in the area.

You will want a cattery that has high standards and can meet all your cats’ needs including some affection from time to time. High standards across the board must be imperative and it’s important to understand what areas should be covered in a good quality cattery business.

Things to consider when choosing a local cattery

Below are some areas you should consider when picking a local Lancaster or Kendal cattery

  • The cattery should provide high level of security to your felines. Given that cats are really slippery and fast whenever they want to escape, it is just necessary that the cattery is able to implement proper safety and security to each cat they take care of. The cattery should have individual rooms for every cat and personnel should follow strict rules in shutting doors properly as cats tend to escape in every open hole they can get through.
  • Warmth and comfort should be provided by the Lancaster Cattery. There are many kinds of cattery that you can choose from, but the most important thing that you should consider getting for your cats is the where they can still go through their normal activities without worries of escaping. You can find catteries that are equipped with heating and cooling equipment to ensure that cats are always comfortable in their chalet like rooms.
  • Cleanliness and sanitation should always be top priorities. As the owner you do not want your cats to acquire organisms, parasites and diseases while mingling with other cats. Due to this concern, a cattery should show you their cleaning process within the rooms of the cats and how they keep it sanitized and free from any form of diseases. Furthermore, cats should be placed in rooms that are individually cleaned and sealed away from their fellow cats having diseases.
  • Rooms should be wide enough for your cats to go around and are still exposed to sunlight and fresh air. Cats love roaming around freely on their own, so it is necessary that the cattery is able to provide a room where every cat can do individual runs and where they can play with toys that can help in sharpening their claws.
  • Make sure that feeding is regularly maintained. You do not want your cat to starve while you are enjoying your vacation, so, it is better that you check whether the Lancaster Cattery you are choosing is maintaining regular feeding time for cats.
  • A big bonus is for the cattery to have individual outdoor runs so the cats can go out and get some fresh air and explore. This will enhance the happiness of your pet while you are away.
  • Try and pick a cattery that is small and can provide your pet with love and attention he or she deserves while you are away.

With all your cats needs met keeping your pet happy and safe while you’re away will ensure that you can relax and enjoy your holiday or business trip with peace of mind. If you’re looking for a Kendal or Lancaster cattery why not contact Greenbank boarding kennels and cattery or come and take a look at our world-class cat facilities.

Author: Sarah Robinson

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