Greenbank Cattery

Greenbank Cattery

We have a small cattery, which consists of seven individual cat facilities. Each pen has it own individual outdoor run with views out over the farm and local countryside. This allows the cats secure access to fresh air and sunshine!

Inside the pens are heated bedding areas. We have one family pen which will take up to five cats, the other pens will take up to two cats each.


We provide both dry food and meat, but you can bring their own food if you prefer.

Pet pickup and drop-off times

If you wish to pick up or collect your pets at other times, then please contact us to make



8am - 10:30am


4pm - 5pm     

Greenbank Boarding kennels provides your pet with a safe loving environment that's home from home
Feel free to pop by any time to take a look at our kennels or cattery.

Useful information

We have written a few small articles in effort to help prospective customers choose a cattery or kennel and we have posted them below. We have also created some articles which some visitors might find useful.

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