Greenbank boarding kennels

Greenbank boarding kennels

Our kennels are fully heated during the winter and on cold days, but are also nice and cool on hot summer days!

They have comfortable beds which are washed and changed regularly during your dogs stay. They also feature individual outdoor runs.

At the front of the kennels we have kitchen area, which houses a washing machine, fridge and bath for the dogs.

We situated in beautiful and varied countryside, which is perfect for walking dogs! Our walks take your dogs through fields and woodland, allowing them to take in the sights and smells, which they seem to really enjoy.

Walking the dogs allows us get to know them and ensures that they are enjoying their stay. We walk dogs twice daily but we can walk more often if requested. Dogs are walked individually unless they are from the same home.

Pet pickup and drop-off times

If you wish to pick up or collect your pets at other times, then please contact us to make arrangements.


8am - 10:30am


4pm - 5pm     

Greenbank Boarding kennels provides your pet with a safe loving environment that's home from home
Feel free to pop by any time to take a look at our kennels or cattery.

Useful information

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