Greenbank Kennels and cattery FAQ

What Inoculations are required? We need all dogs and cats to have their twelve-monthly vaccinations. (If uncertain, talk to your veterinarian). We also require that every dog in be inoculated against Bordetella (Kennel cough). Kennel Cough vaccinations must be given at least 72 hours before boarding starts.

Do we have to give evidence of vaccinations? Yes

What should I bring with my pet? The only thing you have to bring with you are your pet's up to date inoculation record, lead collar and identification tag.

What can I bring with my pet? Here at Greenbank Boarding Kennels and cattery you can bring anything that you feel will make your dog or cat’s stay here feel as homely as.

If my pet requires medication, can you administer it? Yes. (There is no additional charge for this service).

Is it necessary to bring dog food? No, but if your dog is on a special diet or indeed if you feel that a change of food could cause upset then please do so.

What are the feeding times? We always prefer to use a schedule that your pet is used to at home so please advise were necessary.

Can I inspect the kennels? Yes. You are welcome to inspect the Kennels at any time before you board.

How much notice for booking? We recommend that you place your booking soon as you know you are going away. We get very busy during the holiday periods and even though we do trying to accommodate it’s hard to fit people in during these busy times.

Useful information

Below we have placed a few articles which we think you may find useful. These are placed here just to provide you with more information when selecting a boarding kennel or a cattery and a few other useful pieces of information.

Kennel Cough and How to Prevent It
Kennel Cough and How to Prevent It
How to Choose a Boarding Kennel
How to Choose a Boarding Kennel
What not to feed your dog
What not to feed your dog

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