Greenbank Doggy daycare

Doggie Day care

An excellent way for your dog socialize with other dogs and get plenty of exercise while you're at work or out of the house.

Day care dogs also get too long walks and some one-on-one attention from our trained staff who supervise Greenbank activities. And when your dog’s done with all that action, he is more likely to be well rested and relaxed later that evening.

Let us give dog that is senior or your puppy extra attention with Doggie Day Care! This service features a special add on that includes our staff administering your pet his medications if needed.

Pet pickup and drop-off times

If you wish to pick up or collect your pets at other times, then please contact us to make



8am - 10:30am


4pm - 5pm     

Greenbank Boarding kennels provides your pet with a safe loving environment that's home from home
Feel free to pop by any time to take a look at our kennels or cattery.

Useful information

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