Boarding costs

All prices cover bedding, all food and exercise. You're welcome though to bring some of your pet’s favourite treats, toys or blankets to ensure their stay is a familiar one.

Author: Sarah Robinson

Small dog pricing

Small dogs

One dog £8 per day

Two dogs sharing £7 per day

Wet/dry food included

2 walks daily

Social interaction

Medium dog pricing

Standard dogs

One dog £9 per day

Two dogs sharing £8 per day

Wet/dry food included

2 walks daily

Social interaction

Large dog pricing

Large dogs

Great Dane size

£10 per day

Wet/dry food included

2 walks daily

Social interaction

Extra large dog pricing


One cat £7 per day

Two cats sharing £6 per day

Wet/dry food included

Outdoor cat run

Social interaction

About our service

If you requite extra walks for your dog we charge £8.00 per hour

Our doggy day care service is charged at £8 per day.

We don't charge additional money for care, heat, feeding. If your pet has special diets please feel free to bring the food.

There's no chargeto give medicines at standard feed times, or between our normal business day between 8.00am and 5pm.

If you pet needs medications outside the working day we can evaluate and bill according to your pet's needs and the times that medicines must be given.

Our charges are the same all year round, without extra costs applying for peak or children’s holiday periods.

Please note, we always charge for the day your pets arrive, however we don’t charge for the day they leave if they leave before 10.30 a.m.

If you have more than one pet we will offer you a discount. Please contact us.

What to expect

A safe and special residence

Our high-end Greenbank boarding kennels and cattery our accommodation is newly renovated and is some of the most spacious of it is type giving an open airy feel which will enhance the enjoyment for your pet.

In addition, we ensure your pet’s safety and protection continuously during the entirety of their stay. At Greenbank your pet is never left alone as we live and work in the surrounding farm. Our pet housing is surrounded by high fences and the appropriate security is maintained at all times.

Oodles of love and attention

We love animals so it was natural for us to build our luxury boarding kennels and cattery to enable us to do something we love. We realise that your pet is a member of your family and we will do our utmost to give your pet love and interaction throughout their stay here at Greenbank. When they first arrive we will take some time to ensure that they are settled in and understand they are in a safe loving environment.

We are a small kennels which enables us to give your pet the attention that he or she deserves throughout their stay with us. In addition Greenbank is a working family farm so your pet will never be left alone.

Lots of fun and scenic walks

We take all the dogs out for exercise multiple times along the many beautiful woodland walks surrounding the farm. Your dog will love the location of Greenbank which is surrounded by open fields and woodlands. We will take the time to play and interact with your dog throughout their stay both on the walks and while the in their kennels. To further enhance their visit each kennel has its own large outdoor run were your dog can go out and get some fresh air and stretch her legs.

When the weather is terrible we have a massive indoor walking area were your dog can get some exercise and stay warm and dry.

Take care of your pet’s individual needs

Here at Greenbank we are a small family boarding kennels and cattery which gives us the time to address your pet’s individual needs. We will take the responsibility to keep accurate records of your pet’s details, contact information, character, required food and any medication you will like us to be aware of or administer during their stay with us.

You are welcome to bring your own food or treats however, we do have a great selection of food here at Greenbank so we can give your pet food they like.

It is our priority that your pet stays healthy and safe during their visit with us here at Greenbank boarding kennels and cattery. We generally care for your pet and will be constantly interacting with your pet and monitoring its behavioural and physical health. All our staff are experienced pet medics and we have a veterinarian on call 24/7.

A look inside our kennels and cattery

Below are some pictures of our kennels and cattery and pictures of the area around Greenbank boarding kennels and cattery. If you require a Lancaster kennel for Lancaster cattery of the highest standard why not give is a call.